Affirmations – Why Yours Need To Be Supercharged – Part 2

As we saw in Part 1 of this article, most affirmations, no matter how compelling or impassioned they may by, usually end up stashed away somewhere gathering dust. It just makes sense that what you focus on and pay attention to is what you will get. If you've studied the Law of Attraction at all or watched the movie, 'The Secret' that is the main theme. So all these people are saying it works, so you make a long list of what you want to have show up in your life. I know I sure did. I wanted my business to grow exponentially, I wanted my marriage to be better, so I wrote all that stuff down and diligently started to say them over and over. For about a week, maybe 2 and then my subconscious would fire back with "Lord this is boring", or "Yada, yada, yada" or something like that and I taper off and eventually stop doing them all together. We learned in Part 1 that there are two main reasons for this:

1. Because we are trying to change deep seated beliefs with our affirmations, the belief filters that we have in place don't allow change to happen quick enough, so before the affirmations can do their job, we stop doing them. This is what was covered in Part 1

2. We don't know how to pull ourselves out of the downward spiral of negativity caused by the day to day stuff and start thinking good thoughts in real time - like right NOW, so we stop the affirmations.

There are lots of things that can happen in a day to set us up for one of those downward tailspins. You get up on the wrong side of the bed and it's all downhill from there, right? That used to happen to me a lot. I used to have a saying, "I've earned this depression and I'm going to enjoy it for awhile." What a crazy belief, but believe it I did. Somehow I really thought I was getting something out of being nasty and grumpy. But the Law of Attraction states that what you spend most of your time thinking about and focusing on is what you will get. You can probably guess that I was getting lots of reasons to be nastier and grumpier, that's for sure.

But the opposite is true as well. If you can spend more of your time on the positive side of the spectrum and focus on what you want to have happen in your life, then more of that will happen for you. And if you can imagine it withe feeling and emotion, well, that just makes it come even faster. So it would seem reasonable that if you can find a way to turn a negative feeling around as soon as you realize you are experiencing it, then the easier it would be to get what you want in your life, doesn't it?

A lot of the Law of Attraction teachers stress that you need to CHANGE the way you think. Easier said than done. They recommend affirmations - we've already been down that road - or great books to read, or meditations (which I love) but it's not always convenient to find quiet space and time RIGHT NOW when you need them. All of these are great long term strategies, but it's rare to be in the middle of a crisis and be able to meditate or read a book.

What you need in a situation like that is a tool available that would instantly change your negative thoughts into positive ones right in the very NOW that you realize you are having them. Something that you can grab onto without having to really think about it that would be like flipping a switch off an on. Something that's already there, offering you a lifeline.

I'm sure that sounds a little crazy to some people, because we are so used to letting the circumstances of our lives dictate how we feel, and we feel powerless to anything but ride the storm out in despair. But what I am suggesting to you is that you start thinking right now, while you are reading this, how you might handle yourself the next time a crisis comes up that puts you in a tailspin. What could you say or do or picture in your mind that would turn it around. Get something stuck in your head. Something you can do on autopilot. Plant a switch there in your mind that you can reach out and flip the minute you recognize that "Oh Boy, here we go again." Maybe a picture of puppies or a chant or a little song or something that your 'Belief Detective' won't recognize as an affirmation. Song lyrics are non-threatening because you don't have to believe the words - it's just a little old song after all.

So don't wait until you are down and out to think about what you will use as your secret weapon. Be prepared so that the next time you get that invitation to the Pity Party, you can confidently say NO WAY - I'm not going there this time.

Debbie Thomas brings you AttitudeZapz! Affirmation Jingles. These short, catchy jingles with affirmations built right in will stick in your head and help you stay positive and motivated on the path to achieving all your dreams.
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