Affirmations – Why Yours Need To Be Supercharged – Part 1

Over the last several years, the personal development world has been taken by storm by the Law of Attraction, and while many people have been quietly practicing this for decades, it came into the mainstream with the movie 'The Secret.' One of the most important things I've learned from everyone from James Ray, Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, Bob Doyle, Sandy Forster, Bob Proctor and many more is that if you focus on what you want and persistently and consistently tell yourself that you have these things, you will come to Believe it. Once you Believe it, then you will be inspired to take the actions you need to take that will bring what you want to you. Hence the saying, When I Believe it, I will See it.

Our magnificent brains process and store every single bit of information that we have ever learned or experienced. When it comes to learning new things, the way our brain learns new things is by REPETITION. Think about it. How does an actress master the dialog in a play - repetition. How does an athlete become the best at what they do - repetition. Everything we've learned, from times tables to walking and talking has been learned by repetition. So it would seem reasonable that if you want to teach your brain to believe differently, the way to do it would be by repeating what you now want to believe about yourself and your life.

That makes perfect sense, doesn't it? If you keep repeating something over and over to your self, your subconscious mind should start to agree with you, right? So we start to use Affirmations. Affirmations are simply statements you make about what you really WANT to believe. Almost every personal development expert on the planet has recommended affirmations and THE best tool to 'Fake it til you Make it,' and keep up the positive attitude, because the repetition of the affirmation is teaching your brain how to think.

Well, that still makes sense too, doesn't it. So if we keep on repeating our affirmations diligently, we'll all be fabulously wealthy, right? Should be simple, shouldn't it? Then why aren't we all abundantly wealthy then? Because WE STOP DOING THEM! At least most people stop before they have an chance to take effect. There are two main reasons why this happens:

1. If we don't see instant results, we have a hard time actually believing what we are telling ourselves, so we give up in disgust, and

2. We don't know how to instantly turn things around when we are thrown into a downward spiral when something happens to upset our plans, and we have no anchor to grab onto, so we stop trying, telling ourselves that 'this doesn't work.'

Probably the main reason that we stop doing our affirmations, even though it makes sense that the repetition should work is because we are trying to change deeply rooted beliefs here - some we don't even know we have. It's not like changing your vacation destination. It has been shown that most of the beliefs that we hold about how we are were planted in our subconscious before we reached the age of 7. Now, if the belief was planted in there that you have to work hard and trade your time to make money, what do you think is going to happen when you affirm "Money flows to me easily?" Your subconscious is going to come back with "HELLO!! Have you checked what we BELIEVE lately?" If that's all you hear back, no wonder most people get give up long before they even crack the surface of their beliefs.

Now if you did keep on practicing diligently, you would eventually see a change, but since you belief filters won't allow you to change instantly, most people give up in frustration far too soon. But it's really not your fault, at least not your conscious mind's fault.

Here's the rub. We really are made up of two minds - our conscious mind and our subconscious mind - AKA your ego. Our subconscious mind - the one that runs all the minute parts of you that you have no conscious idea are going on (like oxygen and the right nutrients to every single cell in your body) is really the one who is in charge. It has been operating you just fine all these years and likes you just the way you are - even if that is broke and miserable. It knows that program. So when you consciously start to interfere with its operation of YOU, it takes offense. So you begin out of the blue to affirm that "I am successful and free" and it constantly feeds back "No you're not - are you nuts?" So you try to force the change and it will come back at your with every reason in the book why this is a stupid exercise and a waste of your valuable time. This 'Belief Detective' as I call it will keep you right where you are if you can't get past it, or at least acknowledge what is happening. The great irony in all of this is that it truly believe it is protecting you. Go figure!

So...what you need to do, right now while you are reading this, is to start to think of a way of bypassing the belief filters that stop your affirmations in their tracks. How do you do that? Why not try putting your affirmations in a song. Song lyrics are non threatening to the subconscious mind because you suspend your disbelief while you are singing, much like you might do when you see a movie (Ever seen Shrek?). Besides, once you get a song stuck in your head, you usually sing it over and over and over and not get bored with it, feeding your subconscious on autopilot,. Give it some thought right now and stay tuned for Part 2 where we'll discuss more about how to instantly change your negative attitude.

Debbie Thomas has created AttitudeZapz! Affirmation Jingles. These catchy little jingles with affirmations built right in will help you stay positive and focused on what you WANT to believe.
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