Advanced Selling Skills – Bury St Edmunds

Advanced Selling Skills - Bury St Edmunds
Event on 2017-06-23 09:00:00
Advanced Selling Skills     High impact sales tips for instant implementation and fast results. Has your sales system gone off the boil, and you’re wondering what to do?  If your markets have changed then you need to adapt. These days your customers can be savvier than you are. What should you do when everyone is looking for a deal? This workshop is lively and interactive – if you have sales challenges feel free to bring them with you. Key Learning points Simple methods to sharpen up your prospecting  How to improve lead conversion (including www selling) How to sell to different personality types to build instant rapport - enlightening! Buying trigger patterns Preparing and presenting winning proposals Repeat business and customer retention methods The sales closing techniques of all successful sales people Increase your ROI Come and learn how to ‘speak your customer’s language’ for guaranteed success. Don’t waste time doing what’s not working, come and learn what does!  “Enjoyed learning the different personality types, the group work and interactive discussions throughout the course.” Thank you… past delegate “Very informative course. Really enjoyed understanding how different people take different approaches and how they match with the buyer’s personality.” past delegate "They accepted my standard rates no quibble. If it wasn’t for your training and advice I probably would have gone in offering some sort of deal and done myself out of some money when I didn’t need to’"..past delegate Teas & coffees will be provided.  *There is a cancellation fee with this ticket*     Course Tutor: Christine Guy-Clarke Business development trainer, coach, and mentor. Founder of Win More Customers. She is passionate about helping people in business to succeed. With over 30 years’ experience in business development, sales, management, and business owner. She has taught business start-up, is a qualified business coach, and held business growth seminars. Currently works in East Anglia with SME’s. As one of twelve accredited judges for Women in Sales Awards in London 2013 Christine is a formidable leader speaker and trainer. Follow her on twitter @cguyclarke.    

at The Self Centre
5 Eastern Way
Bury Saint Edmunds, United Kingdom

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