Active Learning Strategies (Run 5)

Active Learning Strategies (Run 5)
Event on 2017-10-11 09:00:00
Would you like your participants leaving your workshop beaming with Joy, feeling Inspired, Energized, Enriched, and Eager to put their newly learned Knowledge into Practice? All this is possible if you engage participants actively during their learning process! Active Learning is about how learners make meaning of the content you introduced, and how they put their knowledge into real life application.  The Active Trainer’s role is to create a conducive and supportive environment that is of service to the learner.  The trainer often need to Design the Learning Journey Create Meaningful Learning Moments Make Learning Enjoyable Create Socially Inclusive & Supportive Learning Environment Motivate & encourage participants to take responsibility for their learning Stretch learners, yet support them adequately during the learning process Help learners find meaning & application to their new learning Active Learning among participants is however not easy to achieve for it requires the Trainer to tap into various Body of Knowledge, from the field of Pedagogy & Andragogy, to Process Facilitation, Experiential Learning, Inquiry-based Learning, Creative Arts, and also latest development in the field of Brain-Science. Do you find that you have too much content to cover, and you have difficulty engaging the learners? Do you find it particularly difficult to engage participants in content heavy topics? Do you find that learners have difficulty absorbing what you presented to them, let alone demonstrate their learning? Do you find your participants getting disengaged, or perhaps worse… dozing off in class? Do you have difficulty managing a big class size? Do you need effective & meaningful energizers? Are you looking at enhancing your debriefing skills, especially for large groups? If you are looking for answers for some of the above, this is the right programme for you. This programme is designed to be fully experiential: You will experience the Active Learning concepts in practice, you will gain from the valuable sharing from your course mates, and you will also get opportunities to reflect and enhance on your own practice.   Learning Outcomes Upon completion of this programme, you will be able to Apply the principles of Active Learning to enhance your training effectiveness Create socially inclusive & supportive learning environment Create high level of Participation & Engagement with participants Enhance the Total Training Experience with the use of creative elements Learn a variety of Debriefing Tools that can be used to reinforce learning for both Small & Large Groups of participants Learn many tools & techniques to Engage participants, Improve Learning Effectiveness & enhance Memory Retention   Content Covered Principles of Active Learning Managing the Dual Facilitator & Subject Matter Expert Role in Training Delivery Managing Group Dynamics & Disruptive Behaviours  Use of Impactful activities to create supportive learning environment Use of Creative Elements (Images, Art, Music, Play) in Debriefing Impactful Opening & Closing techniques Techniques to deliver content heavy topics Effective Transfer of Learning Participants' Testimony It has been a totally refreshing experience learning with Teck Kwang! He is uber generous with his knowledge & "trade secrets", sharing unreservedly processes he honed over the decade in the trade. I'm floored! The learning experience has been enriching, inspiring, & insightful! Thanks so much! Cara Cheong, Training Consultant, Citrus Consultancy   This is truly an experiential learning experience where one learns both the contents and process of facilitative training. Teck Kwang is passionate about sharing his craft. Throughout the 2 days, he demonstrated his passion to train and the depth of knowledge he has when he explained why he did what he did in using a particular facilitation process or method.  The programme is well- thought-out, and together with Teck Kwang’s generosity in supporting participants' learning, makes it one worth attending. By Doreen Teo, Trainer/Executive Coach, Empowered Choices   As trainers, facilitators and/or educators, it is critical that we embark on ongoing learning to continuously enhance our skillsets and competencies. The ability to skilfully engage our participants for an impactful and insightful learning experience is indeed an important skill to master, as such, I am delighted to make this recommendation on the workshop “Active Learning Strategies” conducted by Loh Teck Kwang. The workshop was thoroughly engaging, enjoyable and enriching. The two days were packed with lots of goodies! There were many useful strategies shared and the active learning dimension of Teck Kwang’s delivery ensured that we can immediately apply the strategies learnt to our respective fields of work. It was also an opportunity for fellow practitioners to co-learn from each other. Teck Kwang radiates positivity and his passion to help trainers and facilitators to be more effective in what they do is evident through his generous sharing. It is a workshop that is beneficial for both experienced trainers/ educators as well as those who are new to the industry! Bernadette Chua, Dream Catalyst   I want to thank Teck Kwang for his selfless sharing during these 2 days of workshop. It had been a great time of learning and sharing with like-minded people. Of all the takeaways from the workshop, it was Teck Kwang’s great attitude that I admired most. He taught me the importance of programme design and how the design can impact the outcome of the course. Every word or action affects the learning of the participants. He is authentic as a leader in every sense, all activities were designed to serve it’s intended purpose. I loved his innovative way of closing the session: using the visual cards (which he transforms from visual charts) as dialogue cards, he got us to single out a card that was so unlike us and got us thinking. Thanks TK for all the sharing. It was a good workshop worth attending. Fiona Puah Mui Kiang, Course Director from Sands Leadership Development Centre    Teck Kwang has masterfully synthesised extensive literature on facilitation, as well as ten years of facilitation experience into bite-sized insights on Active Learning Strategies. I greatly enjoyed the richly layered learning experience that demonstrated the principles of Active Learning.  While designing an Active Learning experience will take practice, I have already started applying simple strategies such as integrating movement, play and creative elements into my next programme design. Huang Kailin (Ms), Chief Doodler, Picture People Plan   After attending a very useful Energizers & Ice breakers training by Pareto Solutions a few years ago, I was expecting a high quality 2-day Active Learning Strategies training. My expectations have actually been exceeded! This well structured training, not only provided me with plenty of ideas and tools to improve my own trainings, but also gave me the opportunity to experience all the technics. Besides, Teck Kwang managed to create a very comforting ambience and group dynamic despite the very wide variety of participants’ backgrounds. Being an aerospace auditor and trainer, it is critical for me to be able to cover a heavy content in a limited time effectively. This training really induced me to think differently, helped me understand the reasons of some issues I face during my own aerospace trainings and provided me with solutions that can be easily put in place in order to improve effectiveness and customer satisfaction. I will certainly come back to attend more trainings and strongly recommend Pareto Solutions! Magali BERTIN, 
Aerospace Industry Experienced Auditor & Director
HEKLA Consulting Pte Ltd   Most workshops are ineffective because we forget most of what was taught within 2 weeks of attending the workshops. However Teck Kwang’s workshop is anything but. He engages his participants in very creative ways by injecting fun, engagement and participation all throughout his workshop. As a trainer myself, I find his workshop extremely engaging and creative. It’s been 2 weeks since I attended his workshop and many of the activities are still fresh in my mind! So if you are a trainer and you are looking for fresh ideas on how to make your training workshops more interesting, fun and engaging, look no further. Teck Kwang is the epitome of training excellence and effectiveness! Steven Lock, High Performance Strategist, FutureTHINK! Training & Consultancy LLP

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