A Leadership Team Development (LTD) review from someone whose mom said the system wouldn’t work

I’ve been thinking about writing my story down for a while now, and after making a decision to get the truth out about the business and training and support system that have made a big difference on my business I determined right now is the time to do it.

If you’re here it’s probably because you heard of Leadership Team Development when you attended an information session or from somebody, maybe someone you recently met who contacted you to take a look at the company as a business option for you and you determined to review some information on what you could find in relation to the company.

Being that Leadership Team Development (LTD) is a relatively new support system having only been in business a few years most people don’t know who they are.

In the short time Leadership Team Development (LTD) has been in business it has already sparked some controversy, reviews, and on the opposite side – numerous zealous promoters. Leadership Team Development (LTD) was created by 12 diamond IBOs of the Amway business that had a mission to construct a better Amway business for others interested in building the Amway business. Most of the critique is from many years ago due to independent business owners of other lines of sponsorship who didn’t run their business with the best of intentions. Some critics have assumed that since Leadership Team Development (LTD) was built by Amway representatives that it was a me too organization. I became acquainted with many of the top diamonds personally, having been to their homes and it is safe to say that the nay sayers have not spent the time to become familiar with the LTD diamonds and what drives them and until the present time Leadership Team Development (LTD) has been misrepresented.

This article isn’t about all the naysayers stories of the past, if you are searching for those stories they are easy to find. This post is to tell the real Leadership Team Development (LTD) story, and the positive experiences I have had. I was with the Amway business prior to Leadership Team Development (LTD) began and I can tell you with certainty that the opportunity nowadays is the best it’s ever been.

How my Leadership Team Development (LTD) story began

After I got out of college and took my first corporate job I was contacted by one of my work associates who I discovered later was in Amway on the Leadership Team Development (LTD) team. He asked, “Do you keep your eyes open to extra ways to earn income”? I said, “Yes, what do you got”? He said, “Well, I can’t talk about it here at work, but text me your number and I’ll ask a partner of mine to touch base with you and talk to you about what we’re doing”.

How Leadership Team Development (LTD) helped me be debt free

Before I graduated I managed to get to $ 10,000 in credit card balances, took out a loan for my first new car, borrowed the money to put down on a condominium, put my TV, my home theatre system and my microwave on a credit card. I was drowning in debt and I was going down rapidly. There was more month than there was money every month and it was dreadfully taxing.

The night I was heading to an information meeting, I rang my mom to let her know I was going to a info session and she said, “Oh, I bet it’s an Amway meeting, you better not get your hopes up”. My mother was in Amway years before and had a bad experience with her sponsor. I said, “Mom, if I don’t start thinking big now what could I possibly ever have to get my hopes up for down the road”?

I headed to my first informational session and listened to the presenter talk about the opportunity. It was there that I first heard about Amway, a multi-level marketing business that did billions in sales of products and services, and offered countless corporations products and services to be sold by it’s worldwide distribution network. I also learned of a training and personal leadership development system formed by 12 multi-millionaires called Leadership Team Development (LTD). Later I would be trained by one of those 12 millionaires and it turned outto alter my life for the better in more ways than one. I drove home that night with questions but somewhere in my mind I knew there was something special about the IBOs in the room. I later learned that all the people in the room were associated with Leadership Team Development (LTD) and with their support I knew I could make this work.

After two years of effort putting in 10-15 hours / week my wife and I had created an organization doing more than $ 500k in sales while we both continued to pursue our corporate jobs and I ended up completely out of debt.

How Leadership Team Development (LTD) helped me learn new skills in leadership and communication

Leadership Team Development (LTD) is a training and support system that produces personal development, communication and leadership training products, functions and a team of successful business coaches to help anyone interested in growing a large Amway business. While being coached by someone in Leadership Team Development (LTD) can’t guarantee anyone’s success in Amway, the support and training system teaches the principles and practices required to succeed in Amway.

Being in Amway with Leadership Team Development (LTD) I’ve been encouraged to read books that have when applied proven to encourage others to be a success, encouraged to listen to audios and attend events created by the Leadership Team Development (LTD) top leaders that have allowed me to learn communication and leadership skills that I have been able to put into operation in business, in my job, and in my marriage. I have had an opportunity to grow into a successful business owner, a better husband and father being associated with the men in Leadership Team Development (LTD).

Why does Leadership Team Development (LTD) catch the attention of haters?

There will forever be individuals that give their opinions. Typically the people that take the most time to be critical of a thing are people that have nothing better to spend their time doing than to make an effort to take others down in the dumps with them. Surely you’ve listened to someone tell the story of the crabs in the bucket. Just when one crab begins to climb out two of it’s closest friends reach up and pull him back into the bucket.

In reality – people condemn what they don’t comprehend. Most folks that were raised up in the long-established public systems of education have not been taught the philosophy of success, nor what it truly takes to do well in a business of their own. School teaches go to school, get excellent grades, get a job and nearly guarantees the illusion of making it. What does that mean?

So when some individuals get around those that have learned what it takes to be successful, from time to time they don’t understand and they walk away simply because those people are not ready to change the way they think and learn to be successful.

Regrettably occasionally those honest people will get the word about another person attempting to make a move to enhance their life and like those crabs endeavor to pull them down. Did you know that a sculptor has never sculpted a statue to applaud the accomplishments of someone who wasted their day criticizing things they knew nothing about?

Do I have to buy books, CDs and attend functions that Leadership Team Development (LTD) sells?

Ever met somebody who overcame great odds to succeed and then come across someone else that failed to accomplish that same goal? What do you think are the differences between those two people? Let’s assume for this discussion they have the same physical and mental abilities. Now I am not going to tell you the Roger Bannister story here. You’ve surely have already heard that one many times. There is only one thing different between them, it’s mindset. The truth is if two people approach a problem one with a definite mindset to succeed and the other unsure of their success one of them is going to fail. The challenge is having a success mindset is a tall order.

There are hundreds of books, audios and events produced each year to address success. If you want to develop a success mindset there are thousands of resources available to choose from. If you come into the business with a success mindset, 99.9% of people don’t, if you happen to be the .1%, then you probably don’t need them. On the other hand, if you’re like most of the rest of us there’s a lot of room to improve in this area.

Some of my friends in this industry make six and seven figure incomes and they spend thousands of dollars every month on self development. Those same friends were investing 10s and 100s of dollars per month in self development when they first got their start. They tell me that without the personal development they would have never gotten to the levels they have achieved today. A lot of success has not so much to do with what you do, it’s more how you think about what you do.

Over the years I have purchased almost every resource that Leadership Team Development (LTD) has offered and many of the successes I’ve achieved have been a result of the mindset I achieved from those products and events.

My Final Thoughts on Leadership Team Development (LTD)

Leadership Team Development (LTD) has given us the opportunity to accomplish some great things. We have created millions of dollars in sales and have helped create hundreds of thousands of dollars in income. We have personally helped thousands of people both on and off the internet to succeed to higher levels in business.

In all reality, some people aren’t willing to admit the simple truth – Leadership Team Development (LTD) is a strong team and should be strongly considered. Leadership Team Development (LTD) breaks new diamonds every year. Your or my success is completely dependent on what we put into it. Three types of people exist on this planet, those that make things happen, those that watch something happen and those that say, “What happened?”. It’s up to each of us to decide which of those three people we are.

Whether you’re ready to get started or still not sure, get back to the person who invited you to look at the opportunity, and resolve any outstanding issues and then ask what it takes to get started.  Timing is everything.  The time you have today is a gift. That’s why they call it the present.

If you want to learn more about how to have dramatic success in Leadership Team Development, it’s important to learn everything you can about the company and industry before you get involved, click the following link to visit the blog of industry expert Dan Rice.

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