A Bright Exciting Start At Palm Springs Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

When hurdles are too high, it’s time to seek help and the staff Palm Springs Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center understand. Individual programs that include the difficult discussions of mental health stability will have long term effects.

Multiple addictions, health issues, both mental and physical, intellectual and physical disabilities are daily issues. Add in poverty, poor living conditions and a daily life focused on drug supply and the picture isn’t good. A thirty per cent success rate for those in these circumstances would be considered extraordinary. A recovery approach that includes the big picture has a better rate of success, and places like Palm Springs center aim for that approach.

Work, spending and collecting addictions are almost OK even though all three can wreck personal or family lives.Other addictions include food, sex and gambling along with the use of prescribed drugs with a different high with alcohol.

Here’s a sociological chicken or egg question: Was there already an addictive personality, or did the spectrum of situations bring on the addiction? Until recently the theories leaned toward the former. The medical profession endorsed the doctrine of an inherited addiction gene.

A doctor who works in the field, Gabor Mate, author of ‘In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, A Close Encounter with Addiction, ‘ had now disputed the gene idea. In his clinic, he says, almost one hundred percent of his patients experienced sexual assault or childhood trauma.In a television interview he said, “That’s nonsense” when the gene idea was mentioned. Mate has had addiction issues himself and knows that the ghastly rate of complete recovery, globally, is 5%. A fact that more programs are urgent. More urgent will add more public awareness and possibly more acceptance.

“That’s nonsense”, he says when questioned about the gene aspect. As well, he says, the global success rate for street people with substance abuse is 5%. A shocking statistic with some positive sides: More recognition brings more programs. More programs add to public awareness and acceptance.

Sometimes rehab is assisted by those who ‘get it’ Groups like Alcohol or Narcotics Anonymous follow the 12 steps, a proven system, can help. The concepts of believing in a higher being, and a mentor system can lead to a permanent “clean” life. But for those still suffer from trauma the 12 step program is too early in their recovery.

Before attending the group meetings the first steps for addicts or alcoholics are to find medical attention for physical health and mental stability. Medical care givers need to be aware of the history of the patient and arrange for classes on life skills and on choices to best benefit their lives. Most of all doctors must take care not to complicate the picture further by prescribing addictive drugs.

Addiction weaves such complicated equations.

Not everyone can afford or has access to luxury detox centers. In fact, not all addicts are willing to face their problem. When that moment comes, Palm Springs Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center is one of the options.

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