A Brief Look At The Most Frequent Reasons Behind Problems Concerning Low Self Esteem

Low self-esteem is caused by all sorts of reasons relating to the background of the person and his or her surroundings. In order to deal with low self-esteem successfully it is absolutely crucial that the main causes are identified so that the problem can be dealt with at its roots. But what exactly are the main causes of low self esteem?

Growing up in an environment of negligence is often a cause of problems relating to self-esteem. Any child who was brought up with parents who do not offer them the loving and affectionate feelings that they crave will often begin to have trust issues as they grow up. These trust issues make it harder them to identify with people properly and often they will develop self-esteem problems as a result.

Criticism is another significant cause. If you grow up in an environment where you are being constantly criticised by your parents, teachers, and everyone around you and this is going to knock your confidence and self-esteem significantly. These sorts of conditions create a situation where you feel worthless and this can make people feel pessimistic about positive actions.

Physical appearance is also a contributing factor to many people's low self-esteem as well. The physical impression of any person is extremely important in their confidence and people who feel that they are inferior will naturally develop problems with their self-esteem. This is significantly compounded when comparisons are made with those who are perceived to be better looking.

If you fail to achieve goals that you have set yourself this can also damage your self-esteem as well. Setting goals, working hard to achieve them, and then failing will often cause people to avoid even attempting to achieve such goals in their future.

Many people who suffer from chronic problems with their self-esteem will also have suffered some sort of child abuse when they were younger. Both physical and mental abuse will have an impact upon anyone's mental state and while physical abuse can be treated, mental issues are a lot more deep-set and can be very difficult to manage.

One final reason why people may develop low self-esteem would be due to lengthy periods of unemployment. Unemployment makes people feel somewhat worthless. If you are unable to provide for your family this will certainly create a feeling of low self-esteem.

All too often a person with low self esteem because they have had a rough childhood. There are usually real reasons for someone to develop low self esteem. low self esteem Someone with a low self esteem often have reasons behind the negative feelings.
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