3 Enemies to Our Personal Growth

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    • avatar Victoria Films 1

      what do you then do with stupid people, belive me love doesnt make them smarter

      • avatar Ramma AJ 1

        100% agree with you Brendon and I really wished your talks can be taught in school nowadays instead of teaching too much of academic learning and exams. I'm happy I found your channel, most of the topics you talked about really important to learn and it's true to me. Thank you.

        • avatar Live Before You Leave 1

          If anyone is interested in checking out my videos, that would be awesome. I recently just started and my videos are on personal development and growth!

          • avatar sarah suleman 1

            Wow Brandon u are actually amazing

            • avatar Linda Dec 1

              love this guy, hope my kids watch

              • avatar s r. 1

                I Love this guy but his cheeky grin does make me think of chip and dale

                • avatar Live Before You Leave 1

                  What we all need to realize is that there is no life without pain. The more pain you go through, the more purpose and fulfilment your life will ultimately have!

                  • avatar Arlington Fartworthy 1

                    my god I'm the embodiment of all 3…..

                    • avatar Zee Ox 1

                      His smile so inspiring

                      • avatar tfalha rafi 0

                        today is the day i get up . thanks brendon :)

                        • avatar MrPierrodelaluna 2

                          this is very nice, but the music is too much

                          • avatar Ayisha Iddrisu 1

                            This is very helpful. ….thank you very much.

                            • avatar Edric01 Prim 1

                              love it!

                              • avatar Harshil Nakum 1

                                please add captions

                                • avatar Jn38 1

                                  Very encouraging! Psalm 27:1