2017 Community Chest Community Issues Summit

2017 Community Chest Community Issues Summit
Event on 2017-06-19 09:00:00
The Community Chest will host a Community Issues Summit to focus on key issues that affect that people in need in eastern Bergen County. The half-day program will feature expert presentations and collaborative dialogue. Local citizens, staff from nonprofit agencies, and business, community, and government leaders are invited to attend to help identify possible solutions to the area challenges. Together, we will: Learn about each critical issue and understand how it affects people in our area Think about what is needed and what are the current opportunities and challenges here Create ideas about how to work together to address this issue in our community   Target Issues  We will focus on addressing four core issues here in eastern Bergen County: Aging: How can we collaborate to decrease social isolation and increase positive social bonds? Mental Health: How can we collaborate to increase access to mental health and addiction treatment? Education: How can we collaborate to strengthen social-emotional development of school-age children? Hunger: How can we collaborate to increase access to affordable, healthy meals?   Agenda  This meeting will be held from 9:00 am to 1 pm. 9:00-9:30          Registration and Light Breakfast 9:30-10:30        Welcome and Introduction to Core Issues 10:45-11:45      Breakouts on Each Issue: Discussion and Idea Generation 11:45-12:30      Reports from Breakouts and Collect Collaboration Ideas 12:30-1              Informal Networking Over Lunch   Why You Should Attend   We need you—your insights will help drive plans to strengthen our community. The Community Chest is using a method called Participatory Planning that uses the collective wisdom, interests, and ideas of participants, as well as their unique perspectives and voices, to generate new ideas and guide action plans. By lending us your brain-power, you supercharge efforts to better our community’s future. Insights and ideas generated here will guide The Community Chest’s future work—focusing collaborative efforts, informing grant making, and shaping the professional development we provide to local nonprofit agencies. At the end of this Summit, we will all emerge with new, collective understanding of and commitment to addressing these critical issues in our community. 

at Dwight-Englewood School
Englewood, United States

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