10 Cool Cleaning, Organizing & Storage Products! (International Home & Housewares Show 2017)


  1. Clean My Space Clean My Space

    What is your favourite product from the video?

  2. Peta Innes Peta Innes

    Well I'm a huge cat lover so fav part was the blk cat & accessories😻😻😻😻

  3. Sarah Johnson Sarah Johnson

    De-clutter then re-clutter.

  4. E. Williams E. Williams

    My favorite product was the flip it. I always feel i am not getting my moneys worth if i can't get the last drop out of a lotion bottle. Lotion is not cheap.

  5. Alejandra Góngora Astete Alejandra Góngora Astete

    The product that I liked the most were the dog beds ( I'm sorry Melissa, but I'm a dog person!) I have two dogs and the problem with their beds is not the odor actually… Its the fact that they keep destroying them, so I'm looking for some very strong fabric and these ones in the video seem to have it. That would be awesome because it's going to be the 13th time I buy new beds for them…Cheers!

  6. April Fee April Fee

    loved the reusable water bottle brush!

  7. lucildinska lucildinska

    I love the adorable cat paper towel holder and everything else.

  8. Tammy Beaudry Tammy Beaudry

    These are great but since you're Canadian (and so am I) where are the Canadian links and the Canadian version???

  9. cnohero cnohero

    I'm really excited about the Biaggi Zipsak Luggage. I'd love to have that.

  10. Louise Gauthier Louise Gauthier

    the item I loved was the Biaggi Zip. I am going on a 24 day cruise and will need a new piece of luggage and will look up this product for my travel neets.

  11. Wendy Bonnell Wendy Bonnell

    Love your videos!  They have changed how I clean my space!  Really can't wait to ready your book.

  12. Marlowe Paalan Marlowe Paalan

    I love the versa because it has been my problem ever since where my clothes would pile on the corner because I still want to use it and instead of goin to the closet and hanging it up, I would just leave it near my bed.

  13. Lindsay Croswell Lindsay Croswell

    I love the bottle brush! Also I love your sweater, where is it from?? 🙂

  14. latuqui2 latuqui2

    awesome products!!! my fav??? what about ALL of them? LOL thank you for your cool videos always teaching me something ! <3

  15. Megan Goggans Megan Goggans

    Thanks for always doing such a great job! I love your videos, especially the clean with me ones. Thanks!

  16. Lynn Taylor Lynn Taylor

    (Late viewer) I loved the versa bcuz you can also use it to air dry your clothes and I also loved the flipper because I hate cutting my lotion bottles to use every scoop.

  17. Brenda O'Quin Brenda O'Quin

    Idea: is there a brush for cleaning the shower that has room for cleaning fluid, something classy looking that I can hang in the shower and maybe use it really quickly while I'm already in the shower? love the idea that it could be cleaned in the dishwasher.

  18. b4thestephera b4thestephera

    loved the cat paper towel holder, very cute


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